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Fill-Level Meter sonalog

Battery-powered Filling-Level Meter with Email Alarm

Our level gauge sonalog provides a continuous level measurement in tanks, silos & wells and is universally applicable for liquids as well as solids. The device is designed for data transmission in the GSM network (model sonalogGSM) or via Bluetooth 4.0 (model sonalogBT).

SonalogGSM provides its measured values ​​in real time in the ESYS LiveCloud or via app. If the recorded values ​​reach a critical value, this can be communicated by individually configurable email alarm messages. This eliminates the need for expensive and personal-intensive on-site measurements.

SonalogBT allows simple data reading via Bluetooth 4.0 and the graphical presentation via iOS or Android app. In contrast to data transmission in the mobile network, no additional costs arise. Both models can be operated with batteries. They impress with a long battery life of more than a year and a robust design.


Application Areas

  • Fill level measurement in (waste) water & retention tanks
  • Level measurement in pits & wells
  • Fill level monitoring in tanks, silos & industrial facilities
  • Temperature monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Works everywhere without line voltage
  • Works with fluids and solid materials
  • Online data access via web portal & app
  • Automatic alarm via email (model sonalogGSM)
  • Battery life longer than 1 year
  • Sturdy design


  • Integration in client web server
  • Client-specific casing & OEM variants
  • With laser sensor (measuring range up to 40 m)


Specifications sonalogGSM

Measurement Range:
(Ultrasonic Sensor)
50 cm...10 m
Resolution / Accuracy: 1 mm / 1%
Temperature Range: (Ultrasonsic Sensor) -40°C...+65°C
Dimensions: 50,7 x 43,8 mm (diameter)
Environmental Rating: IP67
Input: 1 x seriell
Logging Rate: programmable
Memory: flash-storage 32 KB
(ca. 1000 measured values)
Data Transfer: via GSM/GPRS
Transmission Intervall: max. 24 h / time and
interval are adjustable
Interface: USB 2.0
GSM-Antenna: included
Configuration: via PC-Software & Web-Browser
Power Supply: 4 x 1,5V AA Batteries or Power Adapter
Data Export: EXCEL compatible data format (CSV)
Operating temperature: -20...+55°C
Weight / Environmental Rating: 380g (with Batteries) / IP65
Housing / Dimensions: Plastics / 120 x 90 x 50mm

Specifications sonalogBT

Measurement Range: Fill Level: 0...1,5 m
Temperature: -25…+75°C
Accuracy: Fill Level: ±1%
Temperature: ±0,5°C
Resolution: Fill Level: 1 cm
Temperature: 0,1°C
Battery: User replacable (½ AA 3,6V)
Life time approx. 6 month
Logger Rate: 1s…24 h programmable
Start Delay: 1s…6 month programmable
Memory: 32.000 measured values
Data Transfer: Bluetooth 4.0
Distance: 10 m
Data Visualization: Via iOS & Android App
Data Format: EXCEL compatible (CSV)
Dimensions / Weight: 98 x 66 x 41 mm / 180 g
Environmental Rating: IP65


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