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About ESYS

ESYS develops and manufactures energy-efficient miniaturized electronics with a focus on mobile applications. Since 1992 the Berlin-based company has successfully implemented its own standard products as well as customer-specific hardware and software projects.

These include:

  • Localization and fleet management of vehicles, machines and containers
  • Battery powered long-term miniature data logger for temperature, humidity, movement, acceleration, shock and position
  • Mobile real-time monitoring of sensitive measurement data combined with alarm messages
  • Localization and navigation of people and objects inside and outside buildings
  • Low-energy data transmission via mobile radio, Bluetooth, NFC and WLAN
  • Hardware development, PCB layout and firmware
  • Apps for Android and iOS, cloud & web applications

The company is headquartered in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Since 2020 ESYS is a member of the GÜNTHER corporate group.

ESYS is member of the BMWi-funded networks MoDiSeM and farm4.net.


ESYS maintains a partnership with the following companies and institutions:




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